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Frequently asked questions

Just search by entering you phone number and we will point you to the doctors who are in touch with you in Medinexo®

If your Doctor is not in Medinexo® yet, please invite him or her to participate by sharing with us the contact information you have. Medinexo® will reward you with a cash rebate once you have had your first chat or appointment via Medinexo®

Medinexo® rewards you for using virtual care in many ways. Find saving coupons at your coupon section.

Medinexo® is a global communications network for healthcare professionals. Doctor from around the world join Medinexo® for free, collaborate to provide you the best health result possible and can communicate with you through the convenience of your WhatsApp.

You use WhatApp. That easy. Your Doctor and his or her team are on the other side on PatientNexo(TM). A highly secure portal that keeps your information secure and private and enables the Doctor to deliver to you the best virtual care possible.

Your Doctor can always get your messages. If you have an active Chat plan (7 day or monthly). If in doubt, feel free to ask our support team in the chat window of our website.

If you need any further assistance please come and chat with our support team anytime. Contact Us

Our doctors say

"With the pandemic came the closing of my clinic. With Medinexo® I can now keep in touch with my patients and offer them the care they need, when they need it, without having to meet in-person."
Enrique Gabai